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Alchemy Awake

Soul Alchemy Sessions

Awaken feminine power with grace and ease.

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Soul Alchemy Sessions

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

You know that inner peace is possible. But when you first started out in seeking your deepest Union with the Self, no one told you that you were going to encounter your deepest fears and traumas before you would ever taste that lasting bliss!  You have glimpsed something deeper, and you can never go back to any of those hollow things that used to bring you simple pleasure. You have both feet on the path of spiritual awakening, and there's no turning back. No one said it would be easy, but if only someone had warned you just how hard it can be!

It can take a Divine hand up to find our balance on this path. Fortunately, we don't have to go it alone! Apply for a complimentary Breakthrough Session to find out how I can empower you to greater clarity and ease on your spiritual journey, so you can relax and be of service to the people you care about.


Alchemical Adornments

Looking for some powerful healing that you can also wear? If you're here, I'll bet you already know that gemstones carry powerful healing benefits, and you also have discerning taste. Alchemy Awake carries high quality handmade crystal healing jewelry using untreated gemstones (no funky colors or irradiation, please!), rudraksha seeds (good for the heart's electromagnetic field) and lava beads for diffusing essential oils. Each piece is infused with Reiki healing energy and blessed with mantras, prayers, and palo santo. I know you're probably a sensitive starseed (aren't we all?), so I strive to use sterling silver and fine metals as much as possible. Look out for the occasional sacred geometry silver charm from Balinese silver smiths in Ubud! You'll also find yoga-inspired pieces such as aromatherapy malas and chakra balancing rudraksha bracelets, wearable EMF protection with shungite, wire-wrapped gemstone and fantasy clay pendants,  as well as feng shui sun catchers & sacred symbols for your body and home.


Alchemical Adornments

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Audra Aditi Ra

I am a mediator between the worlds. I live with one foot in this realm and one foot in the subtle realms, though it wasn't an easy journey to find that balance. Today I am a grounded channel for Divine guidance and healing energy. I talk to angels & star beings, (yes really). I carry codes of feminine awakening. I am learning to hold powerful presence as a facilitator for others who are coming into spiritual power. I use my voice as a healing instrument through tools such as light language, shamanic angelic toning, kirtan and mantras. I give kundalini shakti activations using my flute as an instrument to charm the serpent power. I follow moon cycles (inner and outer) . As a highly sensitive empath, I get it. I know what it's like to watch the world around and wonder how anyone survives let alone thrives in the material realms of greed and competition. I have felt the pains of misbelonging and unworthiness and struggled to find my voice in a world that judges mystics as "crazy". I healed myself and held myself, nurtured myself back to trust, compassion, and wholeness. I can show you the way, too. You deserve to know Love, the greatest love of all beginning with the Self. I want to see you thrive in your authentic spiritual power. Rise up, gentle goddess! We are in this together.

Book a Soul Alchemy Session, order a custom mala and energy reading, or stick around and take in some guidance from the blog. Don't forget to add yourself to our mailing list for lots of free goodies to encourage your beautiful path!

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