Audra Aditi Ra


Hi Beautiful,

Allow me to be a mirror for you, just for a few moments. All that you recognize in me, you have within you as well.

I am a mediator between the worlds. I live with one foot in this realm and one foot in the subtle realms, though it wasn't an easy journey to find that balance. It took more than one nervous breakdown for me to find stable ground in this terrifying world. Though you'd never guess that now! Today I am a grounded channel for Divine guidance and healing energy. I talk to angels & star beings. I carry codes of feminine awakening and embodied New Paradigm leadership. I take exquisite care of my body temple through yoga, meditation, and dedicated spiritual practice. I have midwifed myself so that I can carry these energies without stumbling into madness.

As a Priestess of the New Earth, I hold powerful presence as a facilitator for others who are coming into spiritual power. I connect deeply to the Divine and bring forth healing energies across time, space, and dimensions. I use my voice as a healing instrument through tools such as light language, shamanic angelic toning, kirtan and mantras. I give kundalini shakti activations using my flute as an instrument to charm her serpent power. I follow moon cycles (inner and outer) to manifest my dreams and visions .

As a highly sensitive empath, I get it. I know what it's like to watch the world around and wonder how anyone survives let alone thrives in the material realms of greed and competition. I have felt the pains of misbelonging and unworthiness and struggled to find my voice in a world that judges us mystics as "crazy". I healed myself and held myself, nurtured myself back to trust, compassion, and wholeness. I can show you the way, too. You deserve to know Love, the greatest love of all beginning with the Self. I want to see you thrive in your authentic spiritual power. Rise up, gentle goddess! We are in this together.

My greatest ally on the path of awakening has been my creativity. It is through this primordial energy held in the sacral chakra that we can tap into our greatest feminine powers of self-expression. Within the womb, there is a voice. Beyond language and societal conventions, there is a wildness. By giving ourselves permission to embody this feminine wildness of our true creative essence, we can take this raw energy (the same energy that would seemingly drive us mad or "hysterical"), and we can transmute this energy into creative power.

When you allow me to create for you, whether it is through a healing intensive or a custom jewelry order, we are entering into an alchemical process together; a process beyond mental understanding. Something magical happens.

I am honored to be of service in this way, to recognize the goddess in you and empower her strength; to hold a mirror to the greatness so that you can see what is waiting for you to claim. More of what you want to embody for yourself and for your life. More YES! and less stress. You can do this. You've got this, Goddess!

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